Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I am proud to say that I survived working in an office all summer.... How cruel is it to be raised having summers off every year of your life-only to be sent out into the real world where they expect us to WORK through the summer!? It will never feel right! I did what I could to be out of the office as much as possible and still keep my job:)

It all started in May when we went to enjoy sunshine, great food and amazing music with our friends from Atlanta and Colorado at Jazz Fest in New Orleans... was HOT! Our first trip down since Katrina. It was great to see so many people (the crowds were almost too much) in the city rallying it's comeback. The French Quarter was in perfect condition but you didn't have to look far to see so much devistation. We talked to a lot of locals and they were will be a while, though.

June was the long awaited Gulf Shores getaway with the girls- minus Brooke (sad). The trip was much's great to remember that the voices that I am used to hearing on the phone are connected with actual people! I went home with no voice and some hilarious pictures:)

Don't even ask! Just real late one night on the beach...too much!

Onto the big event of the year...Dustin's new album! Here's a little behind the scenes pic (taken by my friend Casey Brooks)...I am anxiously awaiting the release. We are hoping for the end of October. He goes into the studio for more mixing, then the mastering and duplication. It has been an amazing experience for him.

Then came Dustin's bday...and he is still younger than me. Boo! He got this enormous bunch of balloons from his mom...they were delivered by a very enthusiastic man in an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt that busted into the country club where he works yelling "happy birthday, Dustin!" What a scene! Apparently he runs his business from the back of his van. When he brought them home our dogs didn't know what to do! They were terrified! You can see here that Dustin is thrilled...I had to take a picture.

Okay, if you are still hanging in with me through all these random stories...

We took a little time to celebrate our four years...
The first stop was to our favorite B&B in Jonesborough, TN. Such a sweet weekend of rest and tv, phone or computer! Dustin played two shows in Johnson City while we were is always refreshing to play outside of Nashville. There were great crowds that listened and lots of interesting people. We packed up and headed back home for just enough time to load up and drive down to Seagrove Beach, FL. The water was perfect!

Skanky picture of us after a long day on the beach...we stayed out until the sun went down everyday. It was too beautiful to miss!

There are really no words...

Now we are back home- all settled in with the puppies for football season.

That is enough about me to last a lifetime. Longest blog in history!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Not a big blogger, but love keeping in here goes!